• Lia Demaria

Stay Smart Online Week

October 7-13 2019 is Stay Smart Online Week. This is a reminder to all businesses to ensure best security practices are in place for staff, management and any outsourced providers.

The ATO are recommending that all business owners:

- Cancel any unused AUS keys

- Be careful when downloading attachments or clicking links in emails

- Beware of people asking you to confirm personal details

- Keep passwords safe and turn on two-factor authentication

- Beware of any ATO scam emails, they can look legitimate

If you're ever unsure about any ATO emails or phone calls, call them on their dedicated scam phone number 1800 008 540

In addition to this we recommend that all bookkeeping clients;

- Ensure two-factor authentication is turned on for Xero and any other 3rd party apps that have the capability to do so

- Remove any users that have access to your file that no longer work for your business, or who no longer need access

- Regularly change passwords for banking sites

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